Top 10 Computer Tips and Tricks 2020

There are Lots of computer tricks available on the Internet but I'm going to tell the top 10 amazing computer tricks
1. Use Chrome as a Notepad
you can use Chrome browser as Notepad. Just open a new tab in your browser and type the following hit enter
  1. data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
You can use it in Firefox Browser
2. See the hidden passwords in Browser
  • just open your chrome Browser and go to setting
  • go to password option,now you see all saved password
go password option
you can do it in any browser
3. Play audio, video directly in your chrome browser
you can play audio video in your chrome browser by simply drag your video into chrome browser
and your mp3, the movie will start
simply drag into chrome browser
4. open closed tabs accidentally
lets support you surfing any website in chrome Brewer and you accidentally closed your tab, you can undo it by pressing ctrl+shift+t to get back your tab. it works almost every browser in your computer

5. Access your address bar directly
you can access your address bar anytime, everywhere in your computer by pressing F6 or Ctrl+L
F6 or Ctrl+L

6. open chrome inbuilt task manager
to open chrome inbuilt task manager on your computer when you are browsing just press Shift+esc and chrome task manager will be open. now you can close any tab by clicking the middle of it
7. Step recorder in your computer
To record exact steps on your computer windrows has a free application just search psr in your computer, you will find step recorder then click on it
step recorder
8. Screenshot only the part you need
this is available for both platform mac and windows
for mac: " command+shift+4 " take you the tool now you can take a screenshot the part you
For Windows: simply search the snipping tool and open it.
9. Hack windows login a password
If you want to hack or see the login the password you have access only one time the computer in which you want to see Log in password. You can view the password in a few steps
Search command prompt
Run as administrator
Type in command prompt
Net user username*
User name replace with your computer
Now you can view the password
Net user username
Note: This trick will not work in windows 10
10. Lock your computer with keyboard
Suppose you are doing personal work on your computer any person or friend enters in your room just press the windows+L key to lock your computer within a few seconds.
windows+L key
Try these tricks yourself
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