Some must have Android apps

In Google play store, to date, we have millions of apps and counting.

But, we use only some basic apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, Share it, etc all the time in our so-called smartphones.
Why don’t we use it really smart?
There are also numerous very useful applications present in play store, of which most of us didn’t even hear of. I will give you a brief knowledge of what these apps are and what their functionalities are.
So, why don’t you give a try ! You can thank me later!
Brace yourself. Next ten to fifteen minutes going to help you with your lifetime !! :)

Here is a list of those helpful apps that I came across :
  1. Power Toggles - For specific 'GPS' toggle in Samsung phones
  2. C Cleaner - A minimalist cleaner
  3. WhatsApp - For connecting with the majority of the crowd
  4. Pages Manager - For managing my business pages
  5. Messenger - For a few facebook friends
  6. Instagram - For managing IG business accounts
  7. LinkedIn - For cool corporate articles
  8. Pinterest - For visual image marketing
  9. Twitter - Because the world has it
  10. AdAway - For getting rid of most ads
  11. Air Brush - A nice editor IMHO
  12. Artecture - For sPen drawings
  13. Bla Bla - For long journey sharing
  14. Best HashTags - For marketing using hashtags
  15. BlockChain - For my bitcoins
  16. BookMyShow - For Movies (I rarely watch any)
  17. Bright Side - For some nice articles
  18. Dominos - For Pizzas Obviously
  19. Edx - For my online computer classes
  20. Fb Adverts - For managing adverts
  21. Fiverr - For my freelancing
  22. Flipkart - For online shopping
  23. Flud - For torrents
  24. FreeLancer - For my freelancing
  25. HealthiFy Me - For managing my health
  26. IndiaShoppe - My products distributorship
  27. InShorts - For quick news
  28. Medisafe Meds - For medicine reminders
  29. Olx - For selling useless stuff
  30. Oyo - For quick rooms
  31. PayTM - A virtual wallet we all need
  32. PenUp - A drawing social network by Samsung
  33. Philm - Elder sister of Prisma
  34. PhotoGrid - For quick collage
  35. Quikr - Again, for selling useless stuff online
  36. Quora - For seeking answers and for connecting with YOU.
  37. Sensors Test - Because my Galaxy Note 3 has many of it
  38. ShareIt - For sharing big things
  39. Shazam Lite - For music identification
  40. SketchBook - For showing off seen, and some digital drawings
  41. SoloLearn - For learning computer languages
  42. Snapseed - For editing. One of the most complete suites
  43. TeamViewer - For helping friends
  44. True Caller - For unknown people
  45. Unocoin and Zebpay - For Bitcoin to Bank transactions
  46. Zomato - For local food points

Thanks for your time :)
Source: Google, Google Playstore, Blogs, etc.
P.S: Most of the apps are free and handy. In some applications, if you want to get the extra features, subscribe for the premium membership. The more you explore, the more you love them.
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