Make your brain sharper, smarter, and lightning fast

As neuroscience and psychology continue to advance, we are quickly realizing that intelligence is fluid.
This basically means that your baseline intelligence levels and the speed of your cognitive processes can be improved (and this can happen in some very surprising ways).
There have already been some great responses to this question so I will do my best to share new(ish) information in this response.
Here it goes.

1. Work your memory

Memory is the most important part of a smarter and faster brain. For students, whatever you read during the day, make sure you read it immediately at night before sleep. This is because; the brain consolidates all of this new information during rest. This allows the brain to store the things you read before sleeping in its limbic area.
2. Make associations
Your brain helps you memorize and recall things by using 3 concepts – associations, imagination, and location. So, if you wish to remember the 5 Great Lakes, you can use the acronym HOMES to remember Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.
3. Make goals
Make achievable goals; they need not be huge ones. The important thing is to try and do a bit every day. Just keep at it and your job every day is to ensure not breaking the habit.
4. Eat foods that boost brain power
The best foods for the brain are omega 3 fish oil, proteins, B complex, Curcumin, Ginseng, and Gingko Biloba. Take these supplements under the guidance of your doctor. Avoid coffee and tea. Choose foods with Low GI such as cereals, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc.
5. Think positive and stay happy
People who think positive are naturally more creative and their brain is also more receptive to ideas making it sharper and smarter.

6. Meditation
People who meditate are likelier to have a sharper, smarter brain according to this study. Practice 15 minutes of mindfulness every day. There are different ways to do so: breathe in and out, chant a mantra or stare at a candle in a quiet room. Many CDs and audiotapes of guided meditation are also available. Listening to these days can improve focus and concentration, making your brain sharper.
7. Play brain games
Top brain games include chess, crossword puzzles, word searches, math puzzles, etc. Play these days with your kids/friends.
8. Do mental math
Instead of whipping out the calculator, do a little mental math while you are at the grocery store. Try and total up the amount for items purchased. These simple tips can keep your brain sharper.

9. Operating from a Fixed Mindset
Ok, so this isn’t exactly research based. Just anecdotal evidence from my own life.
I’ve interviewed more than 400 high achievers.
Some of them had ridiculously high IQ levels. Some of them didn’t.
All of them were smart and all of them operated from a growth mindset.
This means that they all believed that they could improve.
I’ve noticed that the dumbest and least successful people all believe that “This is just how it is”
The smartest and most successful people believe “This is how it is BUT I can change it”.
Food for thought.

Anyways, I hope this helps and provides some unique insights that may not have been mentioned before.

Good luck!

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