How to Make Money From Click Bank (Complete Guide)

$100 a day from Clickbank is indeed quite possible. Here is a screenshot from my own Clickbank account to prove it. As you can see I ramped things up at the end of 2018 and in January of 2019 I made much more than $100 a day…

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Well, that all depends on you.
There are literally thousands of small merchants paying out thousands of dollars a month to affiliates via ClickBank, JVZoo, in-house affiliate programs and other affiliate networks.
There are countless affiliate marketers and bloggers earning a full time income from home, and there’s plenty of room for more.
In my humble opinion, affiliate marketing as a business strategy is still viable and will be for many years to come.

So how does one get into affiliate marketing?
The first step is planning your affiliate business, and that involves choosing a market to work in.
This is absolutely the most crucial step. Do it right, and the sky’s the limit. Fail here and you’ll waste countless hours with no payoff.
For starters, you need to know focus on ONE niche and ONLY one niche.
It takes work putting a new site or blog, adding content and generating traffic, so working on just one topic is the best strategy, at least until you have the project earning money. Then you can consider expanding it or entering another niche altogether.
Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
You’ll need a topic, a constant stream of helpful content, a site or blog, and a list building strategy. Let’s talk about each one of these steps.
  1. Choose Your Affiliate Niche Topic:
Start by choosing a niche topic that fits one of these two criteria…
A. Markets with a lot of products/services that people will be buying virtually forever. These are called “evergreen” markets and they ensure long term viability of your affiliate business. Some example includes hobbies and past-times such as sports, gardening, lifestyle, how-to’s, etc.
B. Markets with lots of desperate and/or impulsive buyers. These are your more personal products that help with things such as ailments, appearance, relationships, etc. (Not my cup of tea but many affiliates do well in this “need immediate help” space.)
It is also helpful if you enter a niche that either you know something about or you are at least interested in. For example, if you do not enjoy cooking out, I would not recommend starting a BBQ blog. You won’t really enjoy yourself and it will show in your content.
You also want to make sure there are good products in the niche you choose — either info products on the topic and/or products at Amazon.
2. Write (Or Buy) Your Niche Content:
Once you have selected a niche to work in, you simply set your focus on helping people in that niche. That’s right, helping people, not selling things, should be your main focus. Especially early on.
As you help more and more people you will grow a following. More and more people will come to trust your advice. Then when you DO recommend a product or service, you’ll get lots of commissions!
So how do you help people?
With relevant, useful, insightful content. You know, articles, tips, videos, etc.
If you find writing a chore, you can simply hire out your writing to professional writers. I’ve entered niches that I was interested in but knew little about. I simply searched the web to find out what advice people want, then hired writers at Fiverr to research and write original articles for me. The articles cost me about $10 each which is well worth it considering I save about two hours every time!
You can even find PLR article packs for practically any niche. Just search google for your niche + PLR articles.
3. Build Your Blog or Website:
This is easier than ever nowadays thanks to WordPress. Putting up a site with the self-hosted version of WordPress can be done in a day or two if you’re handy with the computer.
And there are lots of themes available for affiliate marketers nowadays. You can use the theme that comes with WordPress or buy a premium theme if you want to save time and maximize revenue.
Once you have the theme installed at your WordPress site, get started filling your site with useful content that your niche audience is looking for. Remember to focus on helping people!
4. Build An Email Opt-in List:
Once you have a blog up and running, you should focus your efforts on growing an email list of prospects. I cannot overstate the importance of growing an opt-in email list.
Yes, even with affiliate marketing, you need to grow an in-house email list. That’s mostly how I managed to get those nice commissions shown at the top of this post. By emailing my opt-in subscribers. And having my affiliates email their own opt-in subscribers. (Yes, I am an affiliate AND a vendor on ClickBank. And I suggest you work on both sides as well!)
When people come to your site or blog, they may not buy the first time there. But if you manage to get them onto your list, they can see your future advice and recommendations.
For this, you’ll need a tool called an autoresponder. That handles the signups for you as well as your follow-up emails and broadcast emails. I use an autoresponder service called Aweber. They are a leading service provider with a great reputation. Another good autoresponder option is called Getresponse.
Once you have an autoresponder you can easily add opt-in forms at your site or blog.
It is also helpful to give something of value away — a training course, or a package of downloadable goodies your site visitors can’t resist. If you have no time to create something like that, then buy it!
There are tons of products in every niche imaginable that you can buy with Master Rights. That means you can brand them as your own and give them away. Just search the web for “your niche + plr” or “your niche + master rights”.
In closing, making $100 a day (or a lot more) on ClickBank is still quite possible….
Affiliate marketing is simply too lucrative for merchants to ever give up on it. And that means there will be affiliates (and product vendors!) earning money virtually forever. Why not be one of them!
Once you master this four step plan above, you can put it into action over and over in multiple niches if you want. You’ll start growing lasting affiliate income streams for years to come.

Hope this article will help you. Please leave feedback in the comment box. Thank you

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