How to Become a Successful Freelancer

Freelance for many still seems something unusual and non-standard. Someone sees freedom in him, someone - salvation from the office routine and the forever disgruntled boss, and someone perceives freelance skeptically, calling him a cover for laziness and idleness. People in the latter category will most likely never work remotely. Just because freelancing for them and not work at all.
Meanwhile, the number of freelancers in the world is constantly growing, many of them succeed in their profession, and also find time and money for personal life and travel. Because they are able to properly organize their work.
In the article, we will try to figure out how to become a successful freelancer?
Here are a few ideas on how to be a good freelancer.
  • Be reliable. Stating this first as so many freelancers fail on this. They disappear without notice or just fail to deliver. Always reply to emails on time and never fail to pick up the phone if someone is calling.
  • Be on top of your game. You’re the best of the best. Self motivated ever-learning professional person and your clients pay you for your expertise.
  • Communicate enough and on time. If you’re having problems, don’t be afraid to communicate this to your clients or anyone you’re working with.
  • Try to bring in extra. Push it to squeeze in something extra when doing the job. Make the client see that it was an excellent idea to hire you.
  • Save up. you can have loads of work at the moment but then all of a sudden you don’t have any for a couple of months. Be ready for this and have some savings.
  • Take care of yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard. Burnout is a real thing. Allow yourself to rest too. Don’t work on weekends. It’s okay to pull all-nighters sometimes, but not every night.
Where to start freelancing
Most people go to distant work when they realize that the strength for office life "from 9 to 6" is gone. Many with this approach will be disappointed. Because with all the charms of freelancing here, too, nothing falls from the sky.
As is the case with office work, discipline is needed here, well-placed priorities and a client base. Therefore, if you decide to go to the “remote”, it is better to prepare for it in advance, before the dismissal. Choose a specialization, make a portfolio and start looking for orders, so that at the time of leaving the office you already have clients, cooperation with which will allow you to stay afloat. Read more tips for the beginner freelancer.
The principle of preparation, in this case, is simple: "To hell with it, take it and do it."

How to make money on the freelancing:-
Freelance earnings in most cases higher than in the office. But if you think you can get millions by lying in the shade of palm trees and pressing buttons on the keyboard with one finger, then this is unlikely. The amount of work on the "remote" is not less than in the office. And time is spent on it almost as much. Among the advantages: the absence of annoying employees and the ability to independently build their work schedule. Among the minuses is the same: the lack of pleasant colleagues and the need to organize their work.
For more information about the advantages and disadvantages, see the article the pros and cons of working on freelancing.
The law is simple - they are simply waiting for the result (the work was done) for which they actually pay. Therefore, if during the day you spend time on personal affairs, you will have to do the work at night. Be prepared for this.
Conclusion: how to work on freelancing you choose yourself. But still have to work.
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