Get Order On Fiverr Everyday & Earn a Lot of Money

Getting ranked on Fiverr is a difficult thing and I do agree it is hard. Even I have undergone the same problem.

But everything has an extraordinary solution. Fiverr is one of the greatest platforms where a Freelancer can earn a ton of money online by providing amazing services
By the way, My name is Rezwan and I am a Full Stack Web Developer. You can visit my Fiverr Profile Here
What is your problem
So you recently have started Fiverr page and it has been months and weeks you ain't getting any order.
You can have look at my profile here: My Profile
If you don't use the opportunity that Fiverr is giving you, Then it is obvious that they won't let you be a successful freelancer
My Problem
I have started Fiverr a year ago. I did not know what was SEO what is ranking. So what I did was I Just literally deleted My existing Fiverr account
When I was True of money, I again thought to start my work as a freelancer again.
But this time when I started Fiverr, I was completely developed and had a huge knowledge of Fiverr Algorithms.
So now I am going to share some of the important steps that you should follow to rank your Fiverr Gig
1. DO NOT COPY OTHER FIVERR GIG (Description, Title, Images, Videos Etc)
Most of the freelancers are lazy and they just copy paste someone else Gig and paste it up on their gig.
But they have no idea that they are killing their own gig rank. Fiverr send robots to read up your description, Title, Keywords, etc.
When these robots read up your gig and they find similar to the gig that you have copied then it is obvious that the robots will display the gig that is old and have a high rating. So eventually your ranking just decreases.

You might be thinking about what keywords are. So just imagine that you are playing the role of a client. So you go into the Fiverr website and you enter some words.

These words which a user searches on Fiverr are called keywords. These keywords play the main role. There are many places where you have to use these keywords.
Where can you find keywords for the Fiverr gig?
Before knowing where to use keywords, you should know where to find your suitable keywords.
Step 1:
Search for any service and click on any top gig. Scroll down until you find tags
You can use these tags as a keyword. Also, you can use these tags as your gig tags
Step 2: (Recommended)
There is a website called Here you can find keywords for your Fiverr Gig on this website

Now let’s talk about using the keywords on your gig

Now you have selected your appropriate keywords, Now on is time for you to use these keywords on your gig. You have to create an eye-catching Fiverr title which should include your following keyword
In the above picture, we can see that 'WordPress Website' Is the keyword which had been used in the Fiverr Gig
4. Add keywords to your description
As seen in the above example we can see that the highlighted words are the main keywords that are used in the description of the gig.
5. Use proper Tags for Fiverr gig

You need to add your keywords to the tags of your Fiverr gig. This step is very crucial for ranking your Fiverr gig on the first page.
These were some In page SEO of Fiverr Gig. If you like to know about Off Page Seo Please Let me know
I hope this article has motivated you to rank high on Fiverr
Thank You
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