Best Survey Websites for Making Money Online

There are lots of online survey sites legitimate in the UK market that reward respondents by cash, cheque, Paypal payments, gift vouchers, etc. Following I listed some of them:

From my experience with many different survey sites, the highest paying survey website is Valued opinions.

Valued opinion is a site that has been there for a while its legit and paying. To support my answer to your question I will tell you how much a survey from the site will earn you. The payment of surveys, of course, depends on the size and difficulty of the survey, but you can expect anywhere from $/€ 0.50 to 1.50. The latter is not uncommon. Many people manage to cash out at least once a month which is not bad considering the minimum cashout amount which varies per country but typically is at around 20 USD/EUR.
  • Join the panel that represents your country. Valued opinions have a site for each country they operate in. For example, they have a complete french site that has nothing to do with their UK site.
  • Make sure you complete your profile 100% so you can get as many survey opportunities as possible. Filling out your profile also helps you matching with surveys you will most likely qualify for, meaningless disqualification and lost time.
Valued opinions payout with a range of gift cards. Some gift cards are digital and some are not. The gift cards that are available vary per country but generally high street gift cards to big brands like Amazon are usually available.
Doing online surveys won't make you rich; however, with legitimate sites, they are an awesome way to make extra income.
Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, student, or someone simply looking to make some extra income, you can in 15-min or less with these survey sites. You can do them anywhere and anytime, which is amazing.

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