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During the past couple of years, there is a huge spike in the gig economy. People actually started looking for remote work and quieting their regular job. With the change in the Economy, there are also some huge changes in the available Marketplace. Best become worst, Worst got vanished and most of them got merged into one big unit.

I have been working as a freelancer for a while and due to this, I am pretty sure that I can give you a good suggestion list.

Here is the list of website which I personally use and are perfect for me.

I almost used every freelancing platform but you particularly asked for best there that was my pick.
Here is my experience for these platforms
Currently, I am using Truelancer because of many reasons listed as follows.
  • Regular projects
  • All old reputed freelancer switched to truelancer
  • Collaboration is easy because other freelancers are really good.
  • Workstream is really good and communication is transparent.
The only con I felt with this platform is they always took favor of the employer if some disputes occur.
Earlier I was using this platform and was satisfied with it. Everything was fine until the freelancing became the layman thing and all the noobs joined the community as the just google freelancer and click on the very first link and call themselves as a freelancer. The literary degrade the freelancer's community and people started losing their trust in us.
This platform is great and I never found any cons with the system except the huge population of noobs. That was the reason all the old and good freelancer switch over freelancer.

I started my freelance career from oDesk (work) and earned lots of money and completed the number of projects. I loved this platform but everything has its doomsday.
oDesk changes to elance the upwork and the platform faces many changes.
These minor changes really disturb the workflow and with every change, the platform became complex and complex. As a freelancer we prefer to work on our terms that’s why we don’t join any organization as an in house developer.
But these changes were awful and I switched over it.
Its been a while since I am using truelancer and as of now, my overall experience is goodAs I said everything has its doomsday but not today. When the apocalypse came for truelancer you will see my edit with another platform because I can’t stop work and work can't stop me to find something amazing to create something amazing.

SimplyHired is an employment website and mobile application and an online recruitment advertising network. With the availability of a wider range compared to other freelance platforms, SimplyHired is perfect for everyone from programmers to construction workers.
What makes SimplyHired stand out?
A) Heterogeneity in Resource Pool -It is hellishly difficult to beat SimplyHired when it comes to the pool of resources. From personal care to technology and construction to administration, SimplyHired has jobs for all. The site lists jobs from over 24 countries in 12 languages.
B) Salary Estimator -
Are you a novice freelancer just starting out in the freelancing world? Then you probably have one question lingering in your head–How much would I make by taking up a job? Would I be scammed or underpaid just because I am new?
Well, no need to fret anymore, with SimplyHired’s Salary Estimator you can quickly get an estimate and learn about the salaries for any job.
With over 3 Million members worldwide and 1 Million completed jobs, is a platform sculpted to connect and associate employers with the talented pool of freelancers from all around the world. Moreover, to make the transactions between parties easy and fuss-free, Guru also facilitates communication between the concern parties. The Guru Work Room lets you efficiently manage all your work.
Guru is perfect for freelancers, looking for good pay jobs in designingwriting, IT, marketing, administration, and other fields.
What makes Guru stand out?
A) Showcase Your Work -Guru is one platform that lets you showcase your past work experience and provide you with access to new jobs every day. Being provided with past experience employers can make a detailed and impeccable decision.
B) Payments Made Safe -
With Guru, you can set up how and when payments will be made on your job in 4 arrangements –
* Pay by Milestones
* Pay by Task
* Pay by the Hour
* Pay Using Recurring Payments
But what really fascinating about Guru is SafePay. It doesn’t matter which arrangement you choose, SafePay is easy to use and gives you a simple and secure solution for payments. On top of the finest security, Guru also offers a way to automate payments. And in case of any dispute where an issue comes up that you can’t resolve, Guru has Dispute Resolution Service available to all.
PeoplePerHour is a freelancing marketplace mostly aimed at bringing together people searching for services related to writing, web development, designing, social media, business development, etc. PeoplePerHour is empowering specialists across the globe to take on work that they love doing.
You can easily score both online as well as on-site freelancing gigs on PeoplePerHour.
  • Country with the highest percentage of visitors - United States, 83.3%
  • Search Volume: 140,000/mo
  • Total Visits - 30.00M
  • Number of available jobs - 1,000,000+
ZipRecruiter is a US-based job finding platform for mobile devices - you’ll be able to easily apply to the jobs you like through your phone.
You’ll also be able to browse through a classic job board - the various jobs are categorized by industry, job type, location (US state and city), and company.
If you don’t want to bother with selecting these parameters, you can simply enter your desired job title or other related keywords in the search menu
Thank You.
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