You should Write on Medium as a Blogger

Why You Should Write on Medium as a Blogger?

Medium is the best third-party site to get traffic from search engines. Medium has great UI and UX. I will always want to have multiple ways to bring traffic to my sale funnels and my blogs. Medium serves this purpose very well.
My fans are just 14 because, 99% of my traffic from the search engine, these people either didn't hear about the medium or they don't want to clap.
I have got 50k traffic from the search engines on my medium articles, in the next few weeks that will hopefully cross 100k organic traffic in the last thirty days. Medium gives you the freedom that it's competitors like Quora don't have. I will discuss them later on.

How to get internal traffic to your medium posts?
  1. If you want to get successful in getting more money from the Medium partner program then your first bet should be to get traffic from internal. Internal traffic means people who have subscribe to medium $5/month programs or people who use medium regularly.
  2. Write on a specific topic, like self-development, public speaking, startups, or internet marketing. There are a lot more topics, build an audience in your own niche.
  3. Collect emails. The benefits of writing on a single topic are that you will get more email subscribers and those people will be interested to read more of your content, better email opening rate and click rate. This will help you to get more exposure.
  4. Joint Publication in your area. If you want to get seen or medium show your post on their front page. The publication is the answer.
  5. There are some writers who make $25,000 per month from Medium. They have a huge list of those email subscribers who want more of similar posts. 80% of those are the one that pays medium. Medium pays you when that paid member clapped for you or perform some other actions.

How to get external traffic to your medium posts?
You don't have to do a lot of work to get traffic from the search engine. Here how you can proceed.
  1. Find a keyword that is getting traffic more traffic and is more than three words.
  2. Write a long-form content, do research and add relevant media. Your article must be more than 1000 words. Gather all the relevant information.
  3. Add your blog links or sale page or anything, avoid adding your nudes.
  4. Tagged it.
  5. Share it on social media. If you want that search engine to find your posts more quickly, share it on different social media.

Why medium is different from Quora?
  1. You can add anything on medium posts like your five blog links, your YouTube videos or your Amazon affiliate links and medium will not do anything. You can't do the same in Quora, do it and moderators will edit block you or maybe blocked your account.
  2. If someone is visiting your posts then he will only see your content, unlike Quora. Quora has a different system of ranking answers. I have seen answers with 50 words rank on top of the question while a 300 words answer placed second. The first answer get the majority of eyeballs.
  3. On medium, you can add your blog links, YouTube videos, affiliate links and your social media profiles to grow your userbase but the same thing you can do on Quora. Even if you are giving quality answers but you are frequently using the word “I" then they might ban you.
  4. You can make money from both the platforms. For medium, you needed to the best in the niche and write quality articles while if you want to make good money on Quora, you need to be a good questioner or having more than 100k followers and answer his own questions.

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