Use Quora To Promote Your Business (Must Read)

How To Use Quora To Promote Your Business?

Quora is a question and answer based platform where you can ask questions and get answers for the questions. Quora is Ranked 57th position worldwide ranking and has more than 300 Million Users. One of the advantages of Quora over the other similar platform is that it has the best User Interference and have a diverse group of people. Like Medium, Quora's audience is more interested in starting their business or starting a startup in their respective fields. If You have knowledge about these topics then Quora and Medium are the right platforms for you.

Quora gets most of the traffic from the United States and India. As, the buying power of people in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are more than any of the countries, so this is showing a great opportunity for small businesses to large enterprises to promote their products, services or another form of business.
One of the Entrepreneur on Quora states that:
My Business grows from $1 Million to $10 Million because of the Quora, I share my experiences here and sometimes share links of my business. Now, because I share links so that it helps Google that this site (Business site) is an authority site and so it get a better position for the keywords we want to rank on.
You Maybe Severally stumbled on Quora if you searched something on Google search. The reason is behind its massive growth of people and has a very UX Design.
Here in this answer, I will show you some ways where you can get more leads using Quora as a tool for getting people to know you.
Promoting Your answer on Quora Google ranked Results:
So, let say I am searching on Google, “How to Publish my Book in Pakistan” You can see the results given by the Google search, Quora is on the Number 1 Position. All I need is to add my answer, an answer that rich media. I will share this tip in the later section.

Quora Ranked Answer on Google search When we searched for a specific keyword
Surprisingly, one of the Answers is already promoting his brand which is exactly doing the job an author may search for that keyword, “They are helping people to publish their books” This is what we called Marketing, or in more specific terms I will use a word for it “Intelligent Marketing” You are not wasting your single penny to get on the top position.
Marketing Now-a-day is very different from the marketing techniques we used in 2009, Quora and Medium were non-existent at that time and people will go for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing, SEO Marketing was not that popular too but still, it was relevant.
More than 2 Million Blog posts are published on WordPress every day, Content is king and without content, it is very difficult to get more leads without spending ad dollars In Promoting your Business in front of millions of people.
Quora Inner User Targeting:
As I said before, Quora has more than 300 Million User base, most of the people are interested in starting their business, investment, startups, and Country Politics.
You Can Target Quora user using two ways:
  1. Running ads on Quora.
  2. Writing answers on Relevant topics.
Quora has a great system for running ads, your ads you appear as Link on Quora, You can also boost (Run Campaign) for your Quora Answers.
The Other way of reaching Potential Customers is to target the area where you are interested in, where you are doing business, and share your knowledge with the community. Keep in Note that Nobody likes Spamming, so, don’t appear to be a spammer but a person who offered real value to the Quora Community.
Look How many followers “Startups” Topic on Quora.
Startups Topic on Quora Number of Followers
People who follow the “Startups” topic are mostly people who are running startups or want to start a startup. A Content Creator is not that much in size so this represents a better opportunity for creators to write Unique, valuable and highly engaging content in order to win on this Platform.
But, I don’t tell you one thing.
That most of the Quora traffic is coming from the search engine. Yes, Quora has more than 700 Million Traffic every month and 78% of the traffic coming from the search engine. This is a very huge number and this shows that Quora, in the future is going to be something big.
Quora is a big organization where millions of people every day, come to the site and post some useful information. Quora is the main player in getting traffic from Google search. But, Quora is a great site where experts share some of the best content on the Internet and most of the Businesses are making handsome of the money from just running ads, while some people are making money just by writing answers and do branding for their business.
Once a famous entrepreneur said “Organization are people” but you can see it as “People are an organization”
Quora is a forum where people share information with each other, you can like that answer in form of the Upvote and share it with your friends, try to build a following and promote your business in parallel.
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I hope You will like this article.
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