Rank Your Medium post Into Google Search Engine

You heard it right. I am going to publish a whole 1000 words medium article here telling you how you can actually rank your Medium post on Google.
I am not joking about this, I have done this and I will share the living proof with you. I am living in Pakistan, I have no stripe so my every Medium post is without that little star that makes you subscribe for medium $5/month offer.
In the last 20 days, I have got more than 30k traffic, my internal traffic is 0% while the rest 99% is from the search engine. I know this is not a good sign but this generates a lot of traffic to my blogs. This makes me some side money, my blogs are monetized through AdSense so I make less money than expected but still as someone said famously “Something is better than nothing”
I am sad that people always think about money. Money should be a reward in some cases but not entirely. But, Aamir, how do I rank my Medium blog post on Google search?

This is what I am going to tell you this. Some tips and tricks to get ranked and to get good traffic.
I would highly encourage you to write posts on medium, not for the medium users but instead for people who are searching related to your business. Medium its own search is pathetic but when you talk about the authority and the site loading speed than Medium and Quora is best for writing about things you have an interest and get a huge following.
Some people in this work do hard work while others find a better and easy way to achieve great things. Today, I am the one who tells you how you can get huge traffic from Google search. So, let’s start.
Keyword research
This is the first part but not very important. I write about anything and my medium post rank well, this is because the medium is medium. No one beat it. It has no ads, best user interface and all you see in it is content. No ads and no other pop-ups that divert your attention. This makes the medium different from other sites.
You have to make sure you write well. I do a lot of grammatical mistakes, some of them are corrected by Chrome extension while others remain unnoticed. But, Google really doesn’t care about your Grammer. They may have some tools to check the content but, you see, you can understand what I am talking about.
Keyword research should be your first bit to take over an industry.
My Article is doing awesome on Google. Why?
Here is why.
  1. I write posts that are highly engaging and focused. I know there are some bloggers or writers who write long-form content, but they just looking at the one dimension of the story. The Lengthy your posts are the more problems it will be solving the same niche.
  2. Add useful insights and related blog posts, guilty feeling, I add my own blog posts.
The best thing about the search engine is if you write really well articles, to the point and explained it very well, it will rewards you.
Long-form Content
As I told you, I am not like other search engine marketers who go by the flow, I like to tell the truth and inform you about the real things and give you a roadmap, the roadmap is “If you write long-form content with Multiple H1 Headings than Google will show your articles for multiple keywords”
Long-form content ranked very well. So, when you pick up the right keyword, the next thing you have to do is to write a super-long form articles. Add all the relevant media, links, Pictures, data tables, charts and Videos to make it more engaging.
The Design of your Title
The title plays a very important role in Search Engine Optimization. Here i want to show you two different titles and then we will discuss what makes one title more search engine favorable than the other.
Title 1

Title 2

Which medium Post will rank better in Search engines? I bet the first one is more optimized compared to the second one. See the one that is more optimize is getting more traffic than the one which has just three words. This is all about understanding the game and then act accordingly.
Related Links
Adding links to the external and internal sites which are related to the blog post on Medium is a good strategy to pass link juice to those articles. Google has no rule for how many links you can add, but you can add as many links as possible unless and until it doesn’t make the user experience or articles links that are not related to the article.
I hope this will helps.
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