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  1. Social Media
Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms have a specified tool for a blog and other product promotions. Integrating your blogs with social media apps and pages will greatly enhance your chances of reaching the target audience.
You can share your blogs and articles that you are writing and publishing on your blog. This will allow you to bring in more traffic from social media platforms. This is a must-do activity when it comes to blogging and when you are thinking about free promotion, nothing beats social media promotion.
2. Email Marketing
Email marketing is a conventional method to reach out to your target audience. Before social media took over everyone, Email marketing was the most effective method to promote blogs and other related products. Even today, this method of advertising is proven effective in terms of conversion and targeted marketing.
There are multiple email marketing tools out there that offer free plans for the service they provide. Of course, the features you get will be limited but it is not bad to start with. Once you get a hold of it, you will be able to build your blog by build sending emails. You can send blog updates, daily posts, newsletters, offers, promotions and many more to your subscribers.
3. Quora Answering
This can easily be done by answering the questions that are being asked around your blog niche. When you are answering this single question, you are definitely not answering to a single person.
If you have used quora, you must have noticed the view count under each comment, and that is what changes the game.
Also, since Quora is not just a forum any more. The questions asked in quora are the first ones to appear in search engine page results, and that will help in building your brand by answering the question there.
4. Twitter Marketing
This is on top of the Social Media Marketing Tools activity you will be taking up for the Social Media Promotion we talked about earlier.
There are a lot of things one can do with Twitter in terms of promotions. The average number of people who are following on twitter is higher than any social networking platform. One actually needs to tweet a lot like the average “shelf-life” of each tweet is only 10 days, as there will be a whole lot of new tweets coming to every hour.
5. Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest is one of the most influential social media platforms, most of the blog writers are less aware of. Just like categories on other platforms, Pinterest has topics covering all the areas where readers of related topics visit and read the pins of their interest.
Pinterest groups help us in a great way to promote your blog and posts. Try to spin your all content on Pinterest as well. If you have any idea of how you can represent your blog ideas in the forms of Pinterest pins, you need to do it.
6. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is one of the promising and effective ways to promote a blog. In guest blogging, a blog owner or a person approaches another blog for publishing an article on their blog in turn for a high-quality article. If you do not have a brand name, it can be a challenge for some bloggers but definitely not for all.
When you have a good name in your industry, it is easier to get your articles approved, but it does not mean that your proposals will always be rejected.
7. Youtube Marketing
Youtube is another great platform to promote your blog through videos. Although not a surprise, when you are regular on your youtube promotions, you can actually pull significant traffic from the video-sharing platform.
It is much better if you have an account on the name of your blog, through which you can stay connected to your readers uniquely through your blog channel on youtube.
8. Online Forums
online forums joining help you promote your blog in a bigger perspective. There are many online forums available based on different interests of the people. These are platforms where bloggers unite to discuss topics of common interest, and there are platforms where the fans of the bloggers connect to interact with each other.
To join these online forums, select the topic that you are interested in and with which you can relate your blog. Most of these forums are free to join, and you can join them easily by providing you mail and creating your profile.
9. Infographics
Very few people have that affinity to read through all the text written by you. Actually, data in the form of infographics helps the readers greatly to get interested in the information being provided in the blog.
You also get the advantage if someone shares the infographic on their website or on their social media. Investing time in Infographics to create additional value to the blog is something that you need to do if you want to rise above the crowd.
10. Video Posts
Video posts blog posts in the form of videos can grab a considerable amount of web traffic. Reading content these days has become old-fashioned, and content is conveyed effectively through videos. A video can even retain the engagement more than the conventional text method.
Try to add more useful content on your Youtube channel, and then you can link those videos on your website easily by embedding them. This will save you time and hosting storage space.
11. Social Media Share Button
Taking the help of social media buttons such as social media buttons will help the readers to share your content on other platforms easily. If your content is compelling or encouraging the readers to share with their friends and family, social media buttons can be of great help.
There are loads of Social Media plugins available for free on the WordPress plugins repository. You can install any one of them you like and start using it.
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