How Much Money Can I make from AdSense with 1000 Visitor Per day?

How Much Money Can I make from AdSense with 1000 Visitor Per day?
My answer to this question is very controversial because what next I am saying is very absolute and correct in accordance with Google AdSense Ad Program. From 1000 Visitor you may earn $10 or maybe you earn $0.50. I am giving this thing with my statistics not just throwing anything in Air.
More people do blogging because they think that their passion for writing articles will help them to earn some bucks from it and believe me my friends some of my friends are earning Thousands of dollars from Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. What they do unique? there is nothing different between you and that super successful bloggers, the only difference is that they strict to their goals, where you leave it with the first failure. The more you fail the more you will make a difference and you will have great knowledge about the field you are working on.
You do a lot of searches, Right? people will tell you that AdSense doesn’t approve with the free Blogspot domain. Wrong! I approve of my Adsense with Blogspot blog. They will tell you that Blogspot blog don’t rank, false. Blogspot blog doesn’t rank on high competition keywords. You can easily rank a long tail keyword with your Blogspot blog.
Case 1
Once I have a website and I work on Tech Niche, a UK Visitor Click Google AdSense ad and I got $1.7 per click. Let say you got 1000 visitor from the UK and your CTR is 1% that mean, you got I click per 100 views, that sum up to 10 clicks and the money you earn is $15 per 1000 visitors.
At the other time, I work on a website that has over 4,000 visitors per day and I earn $2, the traffic is coming from Asian Countries. So the Number 1 thing that you need is #Traffic from an Developed Country not from an underdeveloped country.
Case 2
I have a website about Tech and the normal or average CPC from that Blog was $0.06 to $0.1 and I easily make $1.4 on 1000 visitors, the niche I was writing was Tech. This blog is still present on the web
I have a website that I got traffic from social media and get over 4k visitors per day and only earns $2 per day per 4k visitor.
So, what I want to say that if you got over 1000 visitors to your AdSense monetized blog then the money you earn depends upon the following factors.
  • Your Niche: I am working in Health Niche too, and the amount we are getting from AdSense is very large, but they may be very specific case to case.
  • Your Visitors Demography: If your visitor is coming from a developed country like the United States or the United Kingdom then the chances are that you got $7 per 1000 page views, but if your visitor is coming from a country like India or Pakistan, then Most probably is that you got $1 per 1000 page views. So, always try to work on Domain that has developed country traffic coming from.
  • Your blog post title: Long Tail title earns more than Short Tail title. The reason is that the Long title have more Keywords then that of a short one, so better to use only long tail title and with proper Keyword Mixing.
  • Your site DA/PA: A site with DA/PA of 1 will earn less per Click from a site with DA/PA of 20.
  • How your Site load on Mobile?
  • Your Visitor Knows that you run ads
  • Can your Ad look like an ad?
  • Is your traffic is coming from search or through Social media?. If your traffic is from a search engine then you will get a High CPC if not then you need to have a rich niche like banking, insurance or buying cars.
How to Increase Cost per Click from AdSense Site?
  1. Rich Niche
  2. Search engine traffic
  3. Long tail Keywords
  4. Solve a problem
  5. Add quality articles
How to Increase CTR on your AdSense Optimize site?
  1. Use Responsive ad sizes, it adjust with Mobile: Mobile traffic is the most important and the Most of your traffic will be on mobile, so it is better to use Responsive ad Sizes, it will adjust with the screen and you will get the full impression for your ad. When ad is fully adjusted with your visitor mobile size there is high chance that he will click on the ad and you will get a high $$ for 1000 visitors.
  2. Use ad Border and Ad Background to your site Background.
  3. Always use text ads: If you want to get high Click through rate then you need to must add text plus link ads, they have high cpc if your traffic is coming from tier 1 countries.
  4. Add page level ads to your site
  5. Convert your Cheap traffic to premium traffic
So, in conclusion, i want to say that if you got 1000 visitors to your blog, you may earn $15 or $0.6, that whole earning system of Google AdSense depends upon the factors that we discuss. We also learn how to Increase the two most important factors like cost per click and CTR. If you got a CTR between 1 to 3% that is considered normal. Never ever try to click on your own ad otherwise Google AdSense Robots will discover you and will penalize you for a lifetime, so never kill the Goose for Gold, instead get the Gold Eggs.
Some of the Top Blogger Earns more than $4k a month from Just AdSense, even you can earn from Free Blogspot blog with AdSense+Blogger. One of the bloggers earns just from AdSense. The important thing is your content and the Back Links you got for that blog, you can, later on, convert that site into a top-level domain.
You Should take the above two things when Applying for AdSense.
I hope this will helps you.
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