Increase Your AdSense Pageviews : Best Strategy

How do You increase Your AdSense Pageviews?

A very simple but powerful trick to get more page views with less number of Unique users.
You mean more pageviews = More Traffic. Yes, that is also a correct equation but you can make it as 1.5 Pageviews = 1 Unique user
Here is how
  1. Proper interlinking
  2. Add Related Post widget to the sidebar like Quora
  3. Add links that are related to blog posts
  4. Less Number of ads. The more ads you have the more you disrupt the user experience.
  5. A Theme that loads faster.
  6. A great hosting company. 99.9% is even worse, it means your site will be down for 7 hours a year.
  7. Don’t add more than 1 picture. Pictures or images give the awesomeness to blog but if it really needed then don’t do it.
  8. Write Long-form content. Engage the user. The more the user engages the more (s)he will curious about more of your content.
  9. Pop-ups. I don’t like Pop-ups. There is a very big marketer on Quora, he uses more than three pop-ups on his site. I mean it is really annoying.
  10. Make a community. A Community is a group of like-minded people. These people will help you grow and these people will read your content more than once.
  11. Google Analytics is the best free tool we have. Go to GA And find out the Bounce rate and the time spend on a single article. Optimize those articles for more interlinking and using the tips I have shared above. Try to check it after a week.
I hope this will helps you.

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