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How can you get more USA traffic?
To get more traffic to your website, I would advise diversifying your traffic sources so that if one traffic source ceases to exist, or drys up (so to speak), your store still gets traffic from other sources.
As for particular sources of traffic, I would suggest using some of the following, which include both organic (free) and paid methods of advertising.
  • Organically (SEO - Search Engine OptimizationForum Traffic, Press Release/Guest Post, Social Media)
  • Paid (PPCGoogle AdsFacebook Ads).
I would highly advise that you focus on SEO, as this will provide free organic search traffic for years to come, if done properly (I’ll speak more about this below).
However, regardless of the method of promotion that you choose, the most important, foundational element remains the same… What’s that?
High Quality Content.
No matter what your choose to do, whether it be social media marketing combined with SEO and Google Ads, you NEED to have high quality content and I’m going to explain why!
In the simplest terms, high quality content is content that satisfies and fulfills all of your customers queries and requirements around a specific subject or topic.
Finding these queries and customer questions around a specific topic is a process undertaken in Search Engine Optimization, in the ‘Keyword Research’ module.
What is Search Engine Optimization?
For those that don’t know. Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to get a better result (ideally a page 1 position) in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
SEO consists of two main criteria, on-page and off-page optimization. Beneath these two criteria there are entire subsets of sub-criteria, and it can take a long time to learn.
However… Most people will tell you that PPC marketing is best for the short term, and SEO for the long-term, and although this is true, SEO is more short-term than you might think….
See if you’re looking at running Google Ads, your ads rank position (highlighted in green) depends on the following
Ad Rank (position) = Quality Score (explained below) x CPC bid amount ($$$)
And Quality Score is made up of SEO, which consists of User Experience and Ad relevancy.
Therefore, The process of SEO is extremely important in helping you diagnose these keywords that your customers are searching for, and optimizing your website for these, whilst taking into account the competitive landscape… Afterall, there’s no point in targeting a keyword that is too difficult to rank for!
Ultimately, SEO (website/landing page optimization) will in turn, help your PPC campaigns and your organic (free) listing (highlighted in blue). So SEO is important from the offset.
It all starts from the foundation up! And what exactly is the foundation of your website, well it’s your content!
You website needs to have keyword optimized, high-quality (readable and informative) content which is extensive in length… Why, because it’s the long-form content that seems to rank better in Google… Brian Dean, a expert in the field of SEO did a study of 1,000,000 websites and concluded that “The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words.”
Additionally, this was re-confirmed with SEMrush’s study in 2017, which highlights that all of the 17 ranking factors stated, are directly/indirectly affected by the quality and length of content on the page.
Ok, so how can I implement SEO on my website?
Well, you can learn SEO, but it will require several months of learning and practice, which is not ideal for a blogger who want’s to rank their website now, as it can often take 3 months to see results.
Therefore, if it took 3 months to learn, you might not be able to optimize your website efficiently and see results for up to 6 months.
Hence, why I would advise that you outsource the task, to an experienced, affordable SEO agency… Whilst you learn from their process! Win, win!
What I look for in a good, affordable SEO agency?
In my opinion there are two main criteria that an affordable SEO company is evaluated on, from both their clients and the market.. These are the following:
  • Can the agency provide results?…Look at Customer Case Studies
  • Do they provide good customer service?…Look at Customer Reviews
Therefore, you need to choose an SEO company that provides case studies and has good customer reviews, and by doing this, you’ll have full confidence knowing that the company you’ve picked can help your business grow!
I found a great SEO agency by using ‘case studies’ and ‘customer reviews’ as my criteria:
After looking around based on those two criteria, One of the companies that stood out as having a glowing reputation in the field of SEO was The Hoth.
I found them after reading some of their helpful blog posts on ‘How to boost your Google rankings quicker with high quality link building’ - Blog Post
Ironically enough, I found this whilst searching in Google, so I wanted to find out more about the company.
Anyway, they provide a range of SEO & Link-Building services, all of which are affordable and have no contracts, all with 24/7 Live Chat functionality.
Their packages start from $69 and some agencies even pay them $10,000 per month.
As I mentioned, they have some great case studies demonstrating their past results, where they’ve improved traffic to some of their client websites by up to 842.4% - Read More
I currently use them for their Hoth X 500 service, which is an entirely managed SEO service which costs me $500 per month (yes that’s how much I believe in them)

But don’t worry they have a range of different plans suitable for every budget.
They have a really solid reputation in the SEO industry, which is a reason that I initially started to use their basic $69 package… from the results that you can see above, alongside their reviews from other clients, it’s clear that they can provide good results.
They mainly specialise in providing white-hat SEO services, and have a widely diverse range of plans to suit all kinds of clients (from large organisations to freelancers), all of their SEO services are featured below:
Here are some of their latest customer reviews.
And here are all of the SEO services that they offer
Fully Managed SEO Services
  • Hoth X - Fully managed Organic SEO service, starting with a custom-made SEO strategy.
  • Hoth X Local - Fully managed Local SEO service, starting with a custom-made Local SEO strategy.
  • Hoth Mega - Fully managed SEO service for companies and websites in highly competitive niches
Link Building Services
  • Hoth Foundations - Hoth Foundations creates mini authority properties that link back to your website, letting Google know that your website is important.
  • Hoth Guest Post - Secured Guest Post links on other high authority websites, to help provide your website with trust and authority.
  • Hoth Local - Local Directory citation building service
  • Hoth Blitz - High Authority PR Homepage Links
  • Hoth Boost - Backlink Boosting Service
Content Creation Services
  • Hoth Blogger - Managed Blogging service, helping provide you with high-quality blog content for your website
  • Hoth Video - Video Creation service, helping provide you with high-quality video content for your website, and even other websites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Hoth OnPage - Full On-Page Optimization of your website content
Reputation Management
  • Hoth Stars - Helping integrate systems on your website to increase positive reviews on your website
  • Hoth Press - Press Release & Distribution
  • Hoth LMB (Lock My Brand) - Social Media Profile registration on up to around 300 social networks
Other Products & Services
  • Daily Rank Tracking - Keeping you up-to-date on how your website is ranking in the search engine, for specific keyword terms.
I hope This Article Will Help You. Thank you
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