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Content is king and your user is the Queen for that but how to bring more users to your site? and how famous sites like Hubspot and ahref is getting so much ROI from the content they generate? Content is king, for every business content is a goldmine for them and they are Publishing every possible content to increase their viewership and so advertise in front of Millions of people without spending a single penny on the ad. This is what you are going to learn in this guide and I will introduce you to every possible you to solve your problem of generating and publishing more content on Your business blog and/or making your business a brand.
A Case study of Generating More Content means more Leads:
If You are a blogger, Search engine optimization expert, Social media marketing expert or anyone who is doing work on the Internet and there are high chances that you may probably heard the Name “Ahref” it is a company that provide data to bloggers and businesses that are running online, you can find out how many people on Google search are searching for a specific keyword and how many people are bidding against that keyword, at the same time you know that how hard it is to rank on the first page on that specific keyword. All this information is provided to you by this Company.
But, the twist is “It’s not free” you had to pay to use their services and this company is quite good.
Now, what they do?
They generate content based on what their target audience is searching for. Take the example that I am a blogger who is searching for the term name “How to check Backlinks”

The content marketing strategy of an ahref case study
You see they are rank number 1 on this keyword.
According to my Google search Console data, if you are ranking №1 on a keyword then you will get more then 50% of the traffic, that means if a keyword is searching for 1000 times then You will get more then 500 people to your blog or business or any startup page.
This is how this whole system works.
What I talked about in the above paragraph is all about the Articles, but we leave the most important content, that is Video. The video is the only source that will be more propagate in the future and is spreading right now too. 70% of your Facebook Feed is of Video content.
The following are the types of content you can publish for your business growth.
  1. Video content
  2. Audio content, in the form of Podcasts
  3. Instagram post. We will discuss it in the later section.
  4. Written content in form of articles, blogs.
  5. Tweets as a micro-blogging.
A way of Marketing your Business
The video is the Future and you can publish Content related to the Business You are in through:
  1. YouTube: YouTube is the second most used searched engine and has 1.5 Billion Users. You want to spread your business name or product, all you need to do is to share a video where you explain, what your product is doing and how you can facilitate people achieving their goals. Customers are the king.
Keyword Research is still a way to get more people watching your videos. Using some tools we can find out how many people are actually searching for a specific set of words, the same way we can search for that specific combination of words on YouTube, That’s what we called “Content Marketing Strategy”
2. Facebook Video ads: Recently Facebook introduce short video ads that are doing great for big business but running other forms of video ads is a great way to communicate your idea and increase your business sales.
Here are some actionable tips to publish more content a day as a business owner or as a startup.
  1. Hire people from Different freelance networks, outsourcing work, and Publish more content as Possible. Quality content is king but I think this advice is overrated, the better thing will be “Quantity content is king.”
  2. You can upload and cut more videos on 19:6 on your video editor and upload that short videos to the Instagram IGTV.

I hope You will like this article.
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