Get 10K Visitors On A Blog Daily | Follow Simple Steps

Want to get 10k Trafic daily?

Here are some tips:

1. Do Keyword research

2. Write supper long content, 2k to 4K Words.
3. Optimize your blog for search.
4. Quora and Pinterest
5. Add social sharing options
6. Write HQ Blog Post, in-depth cont.

How can one get 10K visitors on a blog daily, and in how much time?

Regular Posting

I have known about regular posting for years but just couldn't keep up. I saw a drop in traffic if I stopped posting fresh content and if I did post like clockwork the traffic would keep climbing and climbing. Those periods where I did not post set back my traffic rise and made it harder to get the momentum back.

At the moment I am posting every second day on my Tips4pc blog and the momentum is picking up fast. I expect to get the traffic up to 20,000 visits per day very soon.

The other side of the coin here is to publish content like a madman and build traffic like that. Not really a good idea because there is no doubt that you sacrifice reader engagement when you post too often. No one has time to comment on your articles and get involved in any way. That's why I like to publish every two days. That's 48 hours of limelight and promotion for each article.
Researched Content
Always make sure your content has the correct information for your readers. For example, if you have a how-to article, and your instructions turn out to be completely wrong, your reputation will be damaged. If you continually do this your website will not be successful and your traffic will not build up. Don't be lazy, do your homework!
In order to get 10,000 website visitors per day, you need to have well-researched content that will make your human visitor happy. We all know that we need quality content to succeed in this blogging game, so don't risk your business by publishing junk that is not fully researched!
Information in Need
If you see a whole or a gap in the information you find during the research phase, then fill it. But with a little SEO, you can really grab the traffic you need.
Websites can have 1000 articles but still not get the traffic like I do. It is not the quantity of content that gets the free traffic from the search engines, it is the right content that gets the traffic. For example on one of my websites, I had 54 articles published and was getting 1,000 visits a day. On my Tips4pc website, I had around 700 articles when I started getting to the 10,000 visits a day range. Well, how did I get 1,000 visits a day from 54 articles? I researched the keywords I used and promoted them. After all, it was a smaller website and easier to choose the best content to promote.
Teach People
The information you need can be found for just about any topic but it is how you deliver it that sets you apart. We have all heard the saying “Keep it simple stupid”. Well, this applies when you are trying to teach people. Why show off and make things sound technically difficult? Try and explain your steps and information in an easy to understand way.
Often when people are typing into the search engines, they are usually looking to solve a problem. When they land on your website, you might have the right information, but they might not understand. You need to step back and put yourself in other people's shoes. Forget about the knowledge you have and think about the knowledge they have and how they can understand your article.
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