Build a niche online business and make $1000 every month from it

With the invention of the Search engine, People can now easily find information and get knowledge about anything with just a few clicks away, which means a sea of information is just two clicks away. Building a niche business is easy and the whole system is “Passive”, you can work in this system and build a number of streams.
As Video and Blogs are very famous in this digital age and I will introduce you to the niche business through Article writing and Video making, you can start both of these streams at the same time and can make money completely on Autopilot. So, before start discussing the steps and ways to start a niche business, You must have skills like Search engine optimization and understand how You can make content in a better way.
Your Skill is the Goldmine:
You probably will understand what skill you can teach to people, how you can solve their problems? and How to make money while you solve their problem? in a business sense, you can call this “Monetizing your business”.
In the first condition, let say you have a skill and you want to teach it, find a good way for communication. By Communication, I mean how you are going to solve their problem.
In the second condition, let say you don’t have any skill. Then, the first step you need to do is to learn a skill, learn it by practice. If you want to don’t spend any money then YouTube is a great resource to acquire more knowledge, otherwise, it has a great instructor who helps you in any problem and can teach you too.
A Possible Way of Communicating with your Target Audience:
Keep in note that there is a market for everything, even people are selling Shit, literally.
Right now I am communicating with you through “Text”, video can do this job too but right now I am just using the “Text” form of communication.
So, you have to choose the form of communication.
Here are some forms through which you can communicate with your Target Audience.
  1. Blogs, Articles.
  2. Videos.
  3. PodCasts.
  4. Instagram posts.
You can choose one or more ways to properly solve problems people are facing and provide a relevant solution.
Building a Niche Business Through YouTube:
YouTube is the second most search engine in the world and provides one of the best resources for people to learn new things, one thing I have to admit, I learned how to kiss through YouTube. That’s is awesome and that huge amount of information is amazing. As famously said “With competition comes great innovations”
When you searched for a specific term, YouTube shows you videos, which video you click depends upon a variety of factors, such as the position of the video, the thumbnail, tags plus keywords you used that is in common with the video.
You can build a $100 Per month Passive income with a YouTube channel. All You need is to go step-by-step as follows.
  1. You have a skill.
  2. Teach it to people through videos. Don’t leave a single topic. Discuss everything, everything you know about.
  3. Optimized your videos for search Traffic. Not just for inner YouTube traffic but also for the Google Search Traffic. The following picture shows a number of videos when I searched the term “Passive income ideas” through Google search.

Search Suggestion of YouTube Videos when we Search for Passive income ideas.
Now, someone may ask the question as to what about the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours?
This is a legitimate question but if you are working in a niche business then the probability that someone will subscribe to you increases twice and people watch a number of minutes if you are teaching them a skill, in most cases, people watch full videos. One of the facts is that if you make quality videos then you will get all these things very easily. In two or three months. YouTube channels that are new takes time to rank than the one that is already in this business.
But hey, we are talking about ads but not about Affiliate Marketing, Selling his/her own products, promoting your own business, getting direct ads and many more.
Ads pay less but that is totally automatic, direct ads or affiliate marketing pay higher but you have to build a following or get enough views to be famous on that specific niche to get a lot of Emails from advertisers.
Again I will repeat:
The video is the future.
Building a Niche Business Through Blogging:
It is the same thing as Videos. Google search is the №1 most used search engine on the Internet and you can find anything, from files to any type of information. A sea of information is just two clicks away.
Everyone faces a problem, the easiest solution for solving that problem is to search it on Google. You don’t have a girlfriend, search it on Google and after ten minutes of reading you will have enough information to get a girlfriend, but the best thing is to “Take action” based on that information.
As Google search work completely different from that of the YouTube search but still if you write a quality article and have a website that is a year or two old then that will be good otherwise you can start writing about the topic that you are skilled and make money with Ads.
One of my friends, Build a scholarships based website where he uploads news about the Latest scholarships, now he is making $1000 per month from Google AdSense.
Step-by-Step Process of Starting a Niche Blog:
  1. You know about a topic. You must be somehow an expert.
  2. Buy a domain name and hosting.
  3. Write about that topic. Write, write and write. For two months just write everything.
  4. Monetize your site with Google AdSense, Taboola content ads and Affiliate links.
  5. Don’t stop writing about that topic. Leave it when you are making $100 or whatever you opt for.
  6. Update your site once a week with an article or just update an existing article.
Ok, You have a full step-by-step guide to make money, so what you are waiting for.
Go and take action.
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