Best Free & Premium SEO Tools To Improve Your Site Ranking

1) Ahrefs Backlink Checker (Free)
Top Features:
  • It offers one of the most powerful link checkers that accurately checks the top backlinks.
  • The tool is extremely fast and generates results within seconds.
  • You can check the total number of backlinks and the total number of referring domains pointing to any site.
  • The tool also displays the anchor text & domain rating.
2) SEOquake (Free)
Top Features:
  • It displays the total number of indexed pages, domain age, social shares, and external links.
  • This tool’s shining quality is its fluidity. Instead of individually checking websites through a standalone tool, you can view real-time stats as you browse.
  • SEOquake also offers a free on-page tool so that you know if there are any errors on your website – and, of course, they offer tips on how to correct these errors.

3) Google Analytics (Free)
Top Features:
  • With Analytics, you can see how much traffic is coming into your site, and the ways in which people are getting there.
  • With the help of Campaign Parameter tracking, you can easily find out which campaigns are generating the maximum traffic and conversions.
  • With the help of Goal Tracking and Funnel Conversion Path, you can find out how many users are converting and which path they are using for conversion.
4) Google PageSpeed Insights (Free)
Top Features:
  • The tool checks the speed of your website on both desktop and mobile.
  • You can early classify your website as fast, average or slow.
  • It also provides suggestions to improve your page’s performance metrics.
5) Mobile-Friendly Test (Free)
Top Features:
  • The tool quickly checks whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.
  • It suggests various ways to optimize your site for mobile devices. Some suggestions include using legible font sizes, sizing content to the viewport, and sizing tap targets appropriately.
6) SEMrush (Freemium)
  • SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools that every marketer must use. It conducts a comprehensive SEO audit and displays the percentage of search traffic and the number of backlinks that a site has. You can keyword research, topic research, and detail competitive analysis using this tool.
7) Moz Link Explorer (Freemium)
  • A tool created by Moz, Link Explorer is mainly a link analysis tool. It offers a comprehensive view of a website’s backlink profile and includes page link metrics such as domain authority, page authority, and established links.
8) SEO Site Checkup (Freemium)
  • SEO Site Checkup lets you instantly analyze SEO issues, understand your competitor’s SEO profile and generate reports that you can act upon.
9) SERPs Rank Checker (Freemium)
  • It’s essential that you know how each of your pages is performing based on their keywords – and this keyword rank checker can help. You can search for the keyword and domain or the keyword on both Google and Yahoo. You can see the current ranking depending on the device used.
10) Siteliner (Freemium)
  • Duplicate content is the bane to your SEO success, so you need to check your website to see if there are any duplicate pages. This is where Siteliner comes in handy.
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