12 On Page Seo Trick which you have to do Before Publishing a Blog Post

Many new bloggers think that Blogging is all about just writing an article and publishing it on a blog. But they are wrong, a good blogger has many tasks to do before publishing a blog post. Even though you are writing good content, it may happen that you will not get positive results on your blog.
Writing high-quality content on a blog is a very small part of Successful Blogging I know content is king but who and how knows that you have informative content. So I recommend you that follow my best 12 practice which I generally implement in my article. After that, I hit the publish button to bring my content live.
So don't scroll read it carefully these 12 things which I explained below. I am 100% sure that if you implement this in your article then definitely get a huge number of pageviews views.
Let's get started and see what are the things you have to do BEFORE you click the publish button.
1. Write for Your Targeted Audience
I recommend you don't start writing if you don't have a targeted audience. When are you going to start writing, think that the topic which you have chosen is fit for your targeted audience? Or you started writing because you want to write. You are writing because someone wants to read it? Firstly Decide the purpose of writing then move forward.
Don't write a blog for own interest. It is beneficial when you are writing it for your audience. The blog idea should come from your reader, not from your side. Writing a blog is not that you like it. It is all about what your audience wants. So be clear in your mind that your topic should be perfect for your targeted audience.
2. Start Writing a Blogpost
So finally, you have decided on your topic. Now start writing quality and informative content. Cover all the points which can be cover. Don't ignore anything. Because love to read full information, not that half and incomplete information. Create unique content which will also enjoyable to you.
3. Blog Format & Structure
This is the main point which you have to always remember. Because you are writing an article for your Blog. You are not writing any novel. You have to grab and keep engaging your audience with its article. Your blog format and structure will decide your blog traffic and pageview.
Don't write more content without any format or structure. People only like informative content which is easy and enjoyable to read otherwise they will go for other content. You have to keep this thing in your mind while writing an article.
Break down your full article into the various small part so that it looks better as well as easy to read. It also engages your audience. To do so you need to use proper headings (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6), and subheadings in your post which should be attractive.
Divide your post into a paragraph and use some image relevant to your topic. Because an image has 1000 words. Any content without any format or structure is hard and boring to read. Don't make your blog post hard to read for your audience. Keep it simple and well structured.
4. Use Right Focus Keywords
What is Focus Keywords and why it is required? Well, one day I am searching for something on google and I found some content relevant to my needs. Do you think how can I recognize that which one is my actual need? Yes, seeing some words in the article. Because the author of that post has added some specific words on which hole content has been written.
That is the keywords and phrases on which full article based. So whenever you write any content please use the most common word. Because to see it any people could easily identify what is in your article. Never mislead anyone.
If you have written a high quality, unique and creative article then you must use focus keywords. Otherwise, nobody knows what is in your article until they read the full article. That's why using the right focus keywords is so Important.
5. Optimize Blog Post - SEO
The optimization should have the foremost priority as a blogger. If you don't optimize your post for search engine then no use of writing a blog. Search engine optimization plays a very important role in ranking a blog. Although SEO is not an easy job you do SEO at a certain level by own.
SEO is three letters but it has magic. If you master this you can take your blog at a very high level. As said earlier in point number 4 focus keywords, it is the main part of Search Engine Optimisation. If you are not using Best Keywords your post or Blog can't be discoverable in search engines.
If you are using Wordpress then you can make your SEO work easy by using the Yoast SEO plugin. It has many features which are very useful in optimizing your post. So SEO has no END but it starts with Keywords only. You have to use these keywords wisely in your post. For example.
  • Use more keywords in the post but make sure don't do keyword stuffing.
  • Add only relevant keywords.
  • Use keywords in headings and subheadings
  • Insert these keywords in the image URL and Alt Tag.
  • And so on……
6. Insert Image to Describe More
As you know that image has 1000 words. Also, an image is very helpful in clear understanding. Because people can better understand when seeing something rather than reading. If you use the topic related image it makes easy to read your post as well as give break to your reader.
Using the correct image at the correct place will multiply the value of your post. It also grabs more attention from your audience rather than just text. So I recommend you that don't use the image for decoration make it useful and informative.
7. Check Grammar of Your Post
No one in this world perfects which is known to everyone. So it may happen that when you're writing long articles or maybe you are in a hurry, there might be some typing errors. In this case, you have to do proofreading for your article every time.
Blogging is not a competition for errorless Writing. But too many writing errors can be harmful to your blog which can be a disregard of your audience. If you are writing a blog with a typing error, the wrong format of sentence & mistake in grammar then your post becomes hard to read and understand.
In this case, you may lose your valuable audience. Did you like broken language and spelling mistakes content to read? Definitely NO, then how you can think that someone will like your post. So, whenever you write any content read it again and if possible use any editing tools for better results.
You can use Grammarly chrome extension and mobile app to do errorless writing. When using this you can directly check your grammar in your browser. If you want to take more benefits from Grammarly your use a premium version of it.
8. Write Eye-Catching Meta Description
Setting up an eye-catching meta description is smart work. You have to be very very cautious about this. Because a bad meta description can down your click rate. This is shown along with your post URL in the search results as shown in Image.
This meta description is a short description of your post content. By seeing this anyone can easily identify that what is in this article. If you don't set any meta description than google will automatically add some part of your content as meta description.
So always set a good meta description for every post wisely. It will increase your blog click rate. This is going to help in blog ranking also.
9. Define Permalink
As you know everyone is using small words or key phrases to search for something. They don't type the whole sentence for their requirements. In this case, setting up a permalink is very very important. I suggest you that don't ignore it. Before publishing posts set it correctly.
Permalink is the short URL of your post which contains the keywords on which your post has been written. It should not be too long. Keep it as small as possible. If you don't set the title of your post will become permalink of your post and might be very long.
Pro Tips - Don't Ignore this point. Always Set proper permalink for each post before hitting the publish button. Make sure the Keywords should be there on which you wanted to rank.
10. Decide Attractive and Clickable Title
Maybe you know or not but it is true that a powerful headline has capabilities to change your click rate. The title of your post is the identity that speaks what is behind this URL.
When someone searches in google they see your post URL first not your content. If you have informative content but your title does not clearly speak about it then why do they click on it? A boring and meaningless title will be ignored by the audience.
So I recommend you that think and rethink before deciding the title of your article. If your some post not performing well try to change something different. You will definitely see positive results.
11. Insert Out Link for Extra Information
As the SEO point of view using our links is very important. Don't ignore it. When you using any image or text from other sources, you must link to it. This will be helpful in search engine optimization.
Outlining will bring you in the notice of other people also. Because they will get an extra audience from your side which you have inserted in your post. It will be beneficial for you in getting backlink also.
12. Enable Share Option
At last but not the least, in any condition, your blog must have a share option at the end of the post. It will definitely help in spreading your article on various social media platforms. If anyone likes your post and wanted to share it then these share buttons are required.
You can drive more traffic and reader engagement by asking them some questions and ask him to share, pin and tweet your post. It is totally free of cost so don't ignore it.
Finally, we covered almost all the things required to be done before publishing a blog post. I hope these 12 things will definitely help in gaining more visitors. It's your turn to implement these things.
I am fully aware that you have enjoyed this article. If you like then share it so that others can also get the benefit of it. This will take a few seconds but it will motivate me.
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