10 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

There are several ways you can increase traffic to your personal blog.

10 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

First - Quality Content
Make sure you have a blog that is rich with content. If people are going to be visiting your site, you will want to ensure you can provide them with a lot of high-quality content. This will ensure they spend time on your site and come back to your site. It will also increase the likelihood of them sharing some of your content with their friends on their social networks.
Second - SEO Structure
Make sure your website is using proper SEO Structure and semantic markup. This will ensure you’re site is properly structured based on HTML 5 recommendations and will provide the proper structural information for the search engines.
Third - Daily Blogging
Make sure to blog often. This goes with the first step I covered. Blogging daily will ensure you’re feeding the beast. You want your visitors to make it a habit to visit your site.
Ideally, you should have no less than 700 words in your blog post. Strive for 1,500 if possible and every so often, shoot for over 2,000 words.
Use pictures in your articles. This will help break up massive amounts of text which can be intimidating.
Fourth - Social Media
Get active on social media. People spend virtually their entire day on just a few sites or apps.
  • Quora (my favorite)
  • YouTube (my favorite site for video)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snap chat
  • LinkedIn
  • etc
Make sure you are actively engaging with people on the social networks and sharing your content with them. Join groups when relevant and make sure you leave a call to action for people to visit your site
Fifth - Social Media Ads
This is a continuation on the topic of social media. Advertising on the main social media sites that are relevant for your blog will help to get you greater exposure. Especially during the early days of your website when you’re not ranking well in the search engines.
Sixth - SEO
SEO Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to get free, organic traffic to your website. The catch is this takes time but if you blog daily and share your articles with people who are also likely to share your articles with others, over time, you will rank well in the search engines.
Seventh - Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging is another great way to increase your brand awareness. Find similar websites to yours and see if there’s an opportunity to guest blog on the site. This will get you exposed to others and potentially increase your own traffic.
Eighth - Email List
Build up your email list. This is vital since it will help you to get greater control of your site traffic. If you publish a post and email it out to your list, the chance of them reading it increases.
Offline marketing of your website. Local Meetups or other networking events are a great way to bring awareness of your site. Get some business cards.
Tenth- YouTube
YouTube is the second largest search engine. This means that if you create video content to go along with your articles, you increase your likelihood of being found online. Google owns YouTube so it just makes sense.

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